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Finding Love



I must admit it can be difficult to find the perfect someone. Say for instance you do not go out to bars were do you go? There are coffee shops, but the idea of a coffee shop is to drink coffee and what does coffee do? It makes people jittery and nervous.

I have heard about going to the mall. Great if you are 16. How about at work? That leads to uncomfortable situations. I am not being much help here am I? Well I have a couple of suggestions. Take dance classes. They are fun and even if you do not meet the person of your dreams you learned a skill which will help you meet that person in the future. You know it is funny, but a great place to meet is a square dances. They are fun. You get to interact with many people. It is great.

Do you have a special interest? Find a group that shares your interest and become part of it. What a wonderful way to meet someone special.

Another place that is becoming very popular is online dating. Hey why not. I know a couple of people who have actually built long lasting relationships after meeting online. There is a link on the bottom of the page if you want get started now.

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